Defending yourself and your loved ones is serious business. 

Do you have the skills necessary to defend your loved ones without being a danger to yourself, your family, or innocent bystanders?

Our courses increase your skill and dramatically boost your confidence and peace-of-mind.


Featured Courses

Learn from US Army Combat Veterans, Law Enforcement Veterans, and Competitive Shooters!

Our goal is to provided an unparalleled learning experience in a setting that maximizes the results you are looking for. Every class starts with an understanding of what a successful course conclusion looks like to you. 

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Basics of Pistol Shooting

With your right to bear arms is an obligation of safe, responsible gun ownership; includes valuable range time to learn to carry confidently and safely. 

Basics of Rifle Shooting

Introduction to semi-automatic and bolt action rifle shooting. A great introductory course for anyone getting their first rifle or a new rifle system. 

Everyday Preparedness

Your Bug Out Bag and Get-Home Bag comes fully packed with a set of skills that are associated with the bag’s contents. We will teach you the basics of each skill required to get the most out of our survival bag. We can help guide your buying decisions for bag contents as well. 

Pistol & Carbine Collaboration Level I

This course will dramatically enhance your ability to fight with a semi-automatic rifle in conjunction with a pistol. Generally conducted in collaboration with other seasoned, Veterans and Law Enforcement Instructors.

L1 Lifesaving

This basic and intermediate first aid course will teach you the skills necessary to apply self-aid and aid to others. Whether it is an everyday emergency or a violent encounter, you need these skills. 

Securing Places of Worship

We help places of worship create security plans, develop and train security teams, and write SOPs.  contact us below for details on how we can help you ensure your congregation and children areas are safe. 

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Learn by Doing

We also teach you how to progress your training.

We offer a progression of training to help you get even better over time. Additionally, we will show you things you can do at home and at the range to continuously improve your skills and confidence. 

I have now taken three different courses that their staff has either taught or assisted in teaching, and each experience has been better than the last.

You would be hard-pressed to find a better curriculum or instruction for learning the techniques and tactics involved in safe and effective firearms use.

Carter White, Tucson Arizona

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